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POS.TEAM is an absolutely free POS, simple, user-friendly, online, multi-level access control, and multi-user, "Point of Sale" ( POS ) web based "Application".

The free online POS is designed in such a way that it can be easily accessed from anywhere over the internet. The POS solution can be seamlessly operated with desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. This means you can manage your business, carry out purchases and sales, and see live uptodated information about sales and purchases with an internet connection from where ever you are. An internet connection is necessary to use this free point of sale solution.

POS.TEAM Access Control

Access Control

When you register for free on the online POS system, you become the "Administrator" of your "Company" on POS.TEAM, and thus you can create a team of unlimited "Users" for free within your Company. Users can be given restricted access according to their functions such as Administrators, Sellers and Purchasers on the online POS system.

Special Services like SSL, Customised Installations, Modifications, Remote Installations, and Routine Backups can be provided for a small fee. The Application also provides tools to export information from the free POS so that you can create your own Backups or generate Reports.

POS.TEAM Costomizable Features

Customised Features

POS.TEAM provides total and free control of your product environment. You can create and manage Categories, Sub-Categories, Taxes, Units, Packagings, and Product Names with Barcodes on the online POS solution. Login and create your own database of Team Members, Vendors, Manufacturers, and Customers to use the POS.

Purchasing tools allow managing old and new quantities. You can also specify highest and lowest selling prices. Margins can be added product by product. Selling is seamless where tools like searching by manfacturer or keywords help to make efficient and informed sales.


Create and Manage the Environment


Create, Manage and Purchase Items


Manage Customers and Sales

No Hidden Fees


POS.TEAM has an eleborate help section that explains the pohilosophy of the online POS with various examples so that the free POS application for POS teams could be used by unlimited number of team members without any interruptions or external involvement.


POS.TEAM Access Control


A section called "The Preferred Way" provides a step by step guide on the free POS solutions to assist in setting up the environment, from creating team members to selling products, so that you dont go wrong in your understanding of the online POS system.


POS.TEAM Questions


Fequently asked questions about the free POS are answered in a systematic way so that you understand solutions easily and quickly. You can also Contact us if you need more assisstance. The Privacy Policy explains our obligations on the free POS and terms of use.



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