1. I registered but I did not get an email for verification
  Please check your SPAM folder for verification email. If you see an email from POS Team Support, then please move it to your inbox and verify. If your SPAM folder does not show an email received from POS Team Support, then please fill the contact us form to report your problem. Please state the error message.
2. I received an email after registration and I verified but i am getting errors on login
  There could be many reasons for the error message, some of them are given below;
a. You have forgotton your email address AND/ OR password. Please click on forgot password to retreive your credentials. With so many applications requiring login credentials now-a-days you may not be remembering them correctly.
b. Are you copying and pasting your username or password? If so, that could be why you're experiencing troubles. When people copy and paste their username/password, they usually accidentally grab an extra space and insert that as part of their login credentials.
c. Ensure you are not adding any extra spaces before or after the texts in the fields. Press backspace before starting writing to ensure no blank spaces.
d. Are you relying on your browser to enter your password using stored information? Stored passwords usually don't work with our systems. We recommend manually typing in your login credentials (Email and password), rather than relying on your browser to retrieve it.
e. Clear your browser cache, history, and cookies.
f. Try using a different type of browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome) to check if the problem still persists.
g. Update the browser version.
h. POS.TEAM is a web based application. Check if you are connected to the internet.
i. Restart your computer.
j. Resetting, or renewing, your static IP address could solve the problem.
k. You may have exhausted the maximum number of bad attempts allowed. This is a preventative measure against unauthorized people accessing your account.
l. Contact POS Team Support by filling in the Contact us form.
3. My pictures for Categories or Items are not uploading or giving errors
  This happens when other users on POS.TEAM have uploaded pictures with the same file name, e.g. chair.jpg. Please change the filename, e.g. chair01.jpg and try again.
4. Why I can not edit an item
  When an item has already been purchased or sold, it can not be edited, as you do not want to make changes to the description of items which have already been purchased or sold with the existing details. The taxes related information however, can be changed for all future transactions for this item. The history of changes in taxes will show with the item details. Please create another item with changed description, if necessary.
5 I purchased an item but its now showing in the list of Barcodes
  Perfrom a text search to verify. When an item is purchased the system checks if the item has been purchased before and if it already exists in the stock or not. If it was never purchased before it shows as a new item with a new barcode at the top of the barcode list. If it had been purchased before it will not show at the top, but will only update the existing item in the table at its original location/ row with new information.
6 How do I post an icon for pos.team on my Computer Desktop or Smart Phone
a. Right-click on the desktop background and choose "New". Click on "Shortcut". The "Create Shortcut" window appears. Write www.pos.team in the field for "Type the location of the item". Click Next. Write "posTeam" in the field for "Type the Name of this Shortcut". Click "Finish".
b. To place the icon in your browser bookmarks bar, click on the icon or next to the URL for pos.team. Drag the icon towards the bookmarks bar and release when you see it is occupying a space on the bar.
c. To place an icon/ shortcut on iPhone homescreen, open www.pos.team in Safari. Tap the Share button. Tap Add to Home Screen. Edit the display name of the webpage as "posTeam". You can tap Cancel to leave this interface without sending the bookmark to the Home screen. Tap "Add" to complete adding the icon to the Home screen.
d. To place an icon/shortcut on an Android phone, open www.pos.team in Chrome. Then touch the overflow button (three vertical dots) and select Add to Home Screen. Write "posTeam" in the field for "Add to home screen". click on "Add".

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